Sunday, March 2, 2008

the snow

Tahoe. That's where we are. South Lake. Enjoying it. But.... the recap so far....
The drive went well. We had a kind of a long stop for dinner and to run around, but everyone was glad to get out of the car. We got to our condo about 8:45 p.m. Unfortunately, I don't think we were completely done with the virus we had (the one that had everyone puking earlier in the week), but in a different sense. Jonas had serious runs all night long (Friday). We had to go to the potty about every 30-45 minutes. At least he was willing to do it in the toilet. It was too runny/leaky (sorry, TMI) to do it in his dipe. So at least I *know* he can tell when he needs to go. He just chooses not to opt for the potty usually. (good to know though for the summer potty training). Anyway... Gareth had it too, but not quite as bad. But, we made it through the night. I told Isaiah, though, it was good we came when we did. If we had waited overnight we never would have come b/c the boys would have had the runs, and we wouldn't have wanted to risk that in the car. We had a bit more on Saturday. But it is now Sunday night, and it seems to be mostly (if not all the way?) behind us (no pun intended).

Side note... I did all the packing. I had pushed for us to leave Friday afternoon instead of Saturday morning, but Isaiah said he had no time to help pack (except himself) if we did that, so it would all be on me. I said fine. And I did pretty darn good, especially since I had both boys at least part of the time. And we all know how well kids "help pack".

Well Saturday morning, we got up, got our snow stuff on... pants, hats, gloves, jackets, and realized I had forgotten one bag. Now, in the grand scheme, one bad isn't too bad, especially for my first time doing it all by myself (with kids, yadda yadda). But the bag/box I had forgotten was all of our snow boots. Doh! So, we spent all morning getting boots for everyone -- a much harder thing to do than you might expect. By then, though, everyone was tired (after their lack of sleep last night), so we went back to the condo, had lunch, and then crashed. Jonas and I were still napping when Gareth and Isaiah got up and went out to do some sledding. Then they came back in and got us up. We all went out for a while. Then got dinner. Home, bath, and bed.
It was quite windy Saturday morning, so the ski place we are very close to (Heavenly) had a lot closed. But they have two cool gondolas up the mountain. We are hoping to take one up soon and do some sledding at the kid park up the mountain. Really, the guys are just excited to be around so much snow. It started snowing ever so slightly when we were out at dinner Friday. The weather warmed up a bit this afternoon, and got less windy. Hoping it will stay that way. We don't leave here until Wednesday.
This morning, the snow was much more icy. It was rather dry too. So we couldn't make snow balls. Jonas likes to be out for maybe half-hour intervals. Gareth, however, is having a blasting sledding and discing around. Tomorrow we are going to do the gondola. (Which reminds me... I need to go look up some info).

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