Monday, February 18, 2008

been a few

I know... I'm getting lax... I'm not posting... But it's been a pretty mellow few days. We got our apple tree this weekend. Admittedly it looks like a big stick we put in the ground. But we have high long term hopes.

I forgot to mention... last Tuesday we went to look at one of the schools that is a potential for Gareth next year. I love it, except for the price. It's small, though... good for Gareth. And he enjoyed it. Tomorrow we are going to look at our local public elementary school.

I sent out invites for Gareth's birthday party today. Now I have to organize the rest of it... for the pirates and mermaids (have to accommodate both sexes).

Oh, and I started band last week. Did I mention that? It was good. Jonas was not thrilled with me not being home for bed time. But... and I'm not sure whether this is related or not... Jonas did want Isaiah to put him down for nap once this weekend (instead of me). Progress, I think.

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