Monday, February 4, 2008

New sitter

She's wonderful! So, as you may recall, Jonas is in a serious mom-only phase. Last Monday, I met our new sitter, Lexi, at Gareth's school, and had Jonas w/ me, but Jonas had only been awake about 10 minutes. However, both boys agreed to go with her to the coffeeshop and then to Gareth's piano lesson. She brought them home just before 5 and hung out with the boys while I finished getting dinner together (Isaiah was working late). Isaiah was shocked at how easily they took to her. I am too, but I'm not questioning it. I am just happy to get a little time where Jonas is not freaking out about me being gone (like at day care).

Tuesday morning, she came to take Gareth (and Jonas) to Gareth's school. Jonas was not ready to leave me. He wanted to go, but he wanted me to come. So I did. A group outing. We dropped off Gareth, then came home. We tried to get Jonas to leave the house with Lexi, but he would have none of it. However, he was okay staying home with Lexi while I left.

She came over several times last week. And the boys are doing well. She starts school next week, so this week and last week, I'm using her a lot. This morning she took both boys to drop Gareth off at school. Then watched Jonas until about 11:30. She left, but came back around 2, grabbed a sleeping Jonas and went to pick up Gareth and do the piano/park thing again.

It has been soooo nice! I've been able to clear out (freecycle) a bunch of crap from the garage. And start organizing my desk. And do a bit of cleaning. And just be less stressed. She'll be working less once she starts school, but it's nice to get some stuff done right now. Gives me a jump start. One kind off random tidbit, though... she's a surfer. And a good one. There have been two surf contests here in the past month (one this past weekend) and she got second both times. I just can't believe she surfs in water this cold.

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