Tuesday, February 5, 2008

lotsa driving

and for stupid reasons. I had to go to Target (20 min south) and to the bookstore (15 minutes north). So I drove to Target then realized I didn't have the box for the item I was returning. I drove home got the box, drove to the bookstore (this was a must as we needed the books for a party this afternoon), then back to target. Sigh. At least I got it done.
Then I came home, wrapped the books, and made a few phone calls. I called the local public school to see whether Gareth and I can come look around (yes, but not in the classes-- I already did this on my own). Then I made an appt to have our carpets cleaned (and hopefully get rid of the pee smell on the stairs, from the cat who is now banned from the upstairs). And I called the builder (of our house) to get more info on some stuff I had called about back in December. One more call to make (to another school for Gareth) that I'll do this afternoon. It's nice to be able to get stuff done.
Now I won't see my sitter again until tomorrow afternoon. I wonder how much I'll get done between now and then.....

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