Sunday, January 27, 2008


In all my excitement about skating last Thursday, I forgot to mention gymnastics. Both boys went to new gymnastics classes. Jonas's was more free form than the one he had tried previously, and he loved it. It helped, I'm sure, that our neighbor and her daughter (Sarah) were there too. We will definitely sign up.
Gareth went to a new class too. It was all boys. There were only three boys, so it was almost like a private lesson. He really likes gymnastics, though he's been on a break from it for a few months. He really liked the class. They climbed a rope, did some very simple climbing on parallel bars, a lot of work on cartwheels, and, at the end, they got to go in the foam pit—a big pit filled with foam blocks. That, of course, was his favorite part. We are going to try one other class at a different facility. He can't do the all-boys class there yet; he has to be 6. But the classes are small, which is good for Gareth. He will then decide which he wants to do.
I think it's great that he likes it so much. Maybe it will motivate me to do more stretching... yeah, right.

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