Tuesday, January 22, 2008

unclear on the concept

Ok, so I realize this was not my best parenting moment. But... YOU try staying at home, inside all day, with two young boys and see if you don't say some things maybe you shouldn't. Anyway... The boys were bouncing super bouncy balls downstairs yesterday. I told them they could roll them but not bounce them (because when they bounce, they can easily knock stuff down). Anyway... I said if they bounced I was going to put all the balls in the trash (ok... that was my bad moment). Well, here is where Jonas is unclear on the concept. He was not worried that the balls would go away. No, he said, "No. Then balls get dirty." Yes, he is more concerned about the neatness of the balls. Can you tell he's related to Isaiah?

Anway... what did do yesterday that was fun was bake and ice cookies. Pictures to come. Yes, I've said that before. But my goal is to take pics this week. Sorry!

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