Sunday, January 13, 2008

heart crayons

We made heart crayons today. I swear I will take a picture. Gareth and I sorted out the nubs of crayons that we had. I peeled the paper off them as needed. We chopped them in the Cuisinart. And yes, although I will try to clean it, I may resort to simply buying a new bowl. Then we put the pieces into a silicone heart mold and melted them. They turned out pretty cool. We have to make three more sets. We are making them for Gareth's valentines at school. I have to get a head start because I'm going to try to get him to write his name on each card and he probably won't want to write more than a couple each day. I'm hoping to buy the paper tomorrow. Pictures, pictures... yes... soon!

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Tracy said...

Wow, I get the pleasure of being the first to comment on the Crayon Cuisinheart episode. A couple ideas to get the Crayon wax off the blade and plastic cuisinart bowl:
Place the pieces in a pot (old used pot if possible) of boiling water and skim off the wax when it cools.
Point a hair dryer at the affected areas and blot with paper towels.
According to "How to Clean Practically Anything" WD-40 works if left on for a couple minutes and then wiped off.
And of course, my old favorite, perfected in the dorms is to pour rubbing alcohol on the wax, light on fire with a lighter, wipe away the melting wax with a damp rag, and repeat.
Be careful and Good Luck.