Thursday, January 24, 2008

stop the presses...

This is news. Today we went to a birthday party (a Gareth friend) at the roller rink. Now, we have been to many a party at the roller rink. But Gareth has not even wanted to look at a roller skate, much less put one on. But Gareth still likes to go to the party knowing that he won't skate. Well, today we got there, and neither Carew boy was interested in skates. I had brought some markers and paper (for Jonas mostly). They ate some snacks, did a bit of socializing. And then out of the blue, Jonas says he is ready to try skating. And Gareth promptly piped up the affirmative as well. I nearly fell over. We did have to wait, though, as the cake was about to be served. But after the cake, all three of us put on skates. But we all three put on skates that had not been tightened. Fine for me. But too rolly for the boys. But I didn't realize this at first. So Jonas made it half way around the rink with me holding both hands. Then I carried him back to the seats. (The workers were not pleased with me carrying Jonas while skating.) Gareth made it all the way around, partly with me and mostly hugging the wall. Then I clued in that we could have his skates tightened. And he spent the next 20 minutes out on the floor with friends without me having a pretty good time. It was monumentous! Of course because they never want to skate, I didn't bother bringing my camera. So I have no photographic evidence. You'll have to take my word for it. And I suspect there will be more photo ops to come.

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