Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not ready to grow up...

This would be Jonas. He's been going to pre-preschool since before Halloween. And every time he screams. And it's not gotten any better. It was the same with Gareth. I really thought Jonas would be easier. Anyway, I think I've decided to pull him out. However I still desperately need some sanity time. I am posting an ad at Cabrillo for a helper. They have an awesome ECE program. And in the summer Jonas will start at Common Threads. Gareth will go with Jonas for the first summer session before he (Gareth) heads to a new school. I think them going together will help with that transition.


Tiger said...

sounds like his home life is too happy. you need to abuse him at home and then he'll be *glad* to go to preschool.

i recommend feeding him spiders. that should do the trick.

Jill's Necklaces said...

So glad to see your new blog. I have missed hearing from you!