Thursday, January 31, 2008


Sorry, I have been remiss. I didn't mean to let so many days go by. But I have some updates. Let's see...

The sitter. Lexi. She is great. The first day she worked, she came with me to pick up Gareth from school. Then she took both boys to the coffeeshop, took G to piano, then J to the park, picked 'em both back up and got them home for dinner. I managed to get two big boxes cleaned out from the garage. (Yea! Baby steps.) The amazing thing here is that Jonas was willing to go with her. And actually, he was more willing at first than Gareth. But they both pretty much loved her instantly. Since then... she has come over two other days. On Wednesday she put G to sleep while I hung out with Jonas. That was Gareth's choice. Also on Wednesday (in the morning) she came over to watch Jonas. We tried to get him to go to the park or something with her, but if he left the house, he wanted to be with me. But as long as he was at home, it was okay that I left (so I went on a short run/walk). Again, the amazing thing was that Jonas was okay with me leaving. Her name, btw, is Lexi. She has an interesting past... born in England, live in SF for 7 years, graduated high school locally, and really has very little accent. She is taking classes at Cabrillo, but is looking at biology/premed (so she's smart) and she is an amazing (and avid) surfer. As in, she competes and has been at least a finalist in reasonably-known competitions. I think it will be great when it warms up; she is very open to taking Gareth to the pool and helping him with swimming. Also, she has a younger (half) brother who is in first grade. I think it would be great if he met up with Gareth sometime. In all, I am pleased.

What else... well... Jonas started music class again this week. It would be great, if only we had the same teacher. Jonas just wanted to go home go home go home because it was a different teacher. My boys just do NOT like change. With a passion. I am going to see whether the other teacher has any openings, but I'm doubtful. So, I am going to try class again next week. Probably force him to sit through two classes. By then, I think he'll be enjoying it again. It'll just be painful in the process. And if only the classroom was not like an icebox. Ugh.

Today I tried to sign up the boys for gymnastics. I got Gareth signed up for the all-boys class that he tried and loved. I tried to sign up Jonas, but the class they let us try out is all full. Wha??? So he's on the wait list. But she said turn over is pretty quick (as the kids get older and move on to other classes).

Gareth brought home a reader from school and has been reading quite about "The Pet Poodle." It's really quite amazing. I think he's reading really well.

I think that's a good update. We have two birthday parties this weekend. And I have to change the dentist appointments that I just made for the boys. But they will be having teeth cleanings soon. It will be Jonas' first visit.

That's all. Happy Friday (by the time you read this, it will be)

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