Friday, January 18, 2008

single parenting

Sorry for the lapse in posting. Isaiah has been out of town this week, so my nights have been a bit more precious as to what I can/want to do. Anyway... Wednesday was good day for the most part. The best (most endearing?) part was when we were leaving the park (for Wednesday is park day, you know), and Gareth and Flora had a great big hug, at Flora's instigation. Flora has been Gareth's best friend for a couple of years now. But now they go to different schools and do not see each other regularly. I know that Gareth still thinks of Flora and misses her. And I often wonder whether Flora is the same. So I was happy to see her parting hug (at her own initiation). Very heartfelt and definitely warmed this mother's heart.

Thursday, however, was a bit more trying. Not because of Gareth, but Jonas. Oy! The Boy! So we were at the park (just Jonas and me and a couple of Jonas-aged friends). Jonas had a poop. I had to change it. I told him so. I gave him some time to come to terms with it. But he was having none of it. However it was time to go. So I had to forcibly hold him down with my legs (oh such fun) and change. And when it was all done, Jonas was YELLING at me, "Me want poopy diaper back on NOW!" I managed to keep calm. And I managed not to laugh. But oy, the yelling, the tantrum. Gareth was not like this. I think it is a combination of Jonas' stubbornness (can't imagine where he gets that from) and from the age (testing testing testing). We got home from picking up Gareth and ... well... everyone knows when they come in their house if they take off their shoes they go in their bin in the closet. Everyone has their own bin. Jonas refused to put his shoes in his bin. So I would not give him his dinosaurs. This went on for half an hour. He wasn't overly tantrum-y. I think he was more tired than anything. But eventually he did it. Battle of wills!

And for anyone awaiting an update on the school situation, Jonas is definitely not going. And this past week we interviewed three potential sitters. We have three more coming on Monday. I will be happy to have help around the house just getting things done.

And today we are in the Bay Area. We spent the day at the Exploratorium. Gareth LOVED it. LOVED it. I think he would like to move in. And so tonight we are spending the night with Tracy and Ben. The guys are probably tired but enjoying it.

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Tracy said...

Ben and I had a great time. The pancakes knocked us out for 3 hours this afternoon. Come back soon!